2013 Port Orford Cedar/Red Cedar Left-Handed

This guitar pictured here was a special commision for several reasons. Firstly the guitar is left handed. The client wanted Port Orford cedar to be used for the back and sides, and requested that I use the most figured wood I have for the back. He also asked for a red cedar top, which is an unusual combination of materials. Several other details that make the guitar unique are the 645mm scale length, the releif-carved and stippled head, and the poly/oil finish. The sound is exquisitely warm and clear-I am currently building another instrument much like this one for myself, as I believe cypress to be one of the best woods for the back and sides.

The guitar has only been played a hanful of times. The owner realized shortly after receiving the guitar that he was not going to have the time to play it, but kept if for over a year hoping circumstances would change. This instrument is as new with no sign of wear. A truly unusual guitar with a beatifully clear and warm voice, exceptional volume, and comfortable action.

Port Orford Cedar Back and Sides
Red Cedar Top
Port Orford Cedar Neck
African Ebony Fingerboard
Brazilian Rosewood Bridge
MOP Torres Tribute Rosette
Gotoh Deluxe Tuners
Relief Carved and Stippled Headstock
Eliptical Auxiliary Soundports
Poly/Oil Finish
645mm Scale Length


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